Today I witnessed yet another milestone in my son’s life.  Today Noah and I decided to go hunting.  Many people do not know that I work all night, then intercept my boy as my wife heads off to work.  Yes I watch him all day til the wife gets home, then I try to grab a couple of hours of sleep before returning to work.  How do I do it?  We stay moving, stay busy.  In short ya do whatcha gotta do.
     This year we also went fishing.  He likes fishing, at least the part where he wades into the lake and looks for rocks to throw and create big splashes…   Then looks at me and my empty lines and asks "Where da fishy daddy?".  Yep, lots of fun…  no really.
     Back to the big day of hunting.  I told my wife that I was thinking about taking Noah dove hunting with me the night before.  As you can guess she was extremely delighted about the idea…  Not!  Instead of getting into a tiff with her, I told her not to worry, we may go, we may not, probably just go out with the guys and watch, to see how he does. 
     As soon as Noah wakes up this morning, ( I had the night off ), he calls out for me.  I walk into his room to help him get dressed for the day, he rubs his eyes then looks at me and asks, "We go shoot birds?"  As you can tell, I talked to him about it before we talked to "mom" about it.  I told him that was the plan as I rummaged through his closet looking for some camo I knew he had somewhere in there.  Dressed and ready to go, we loaded up the truck and went to meet our hunting buddies out at the WIHA we planned to try out.  I must have been the site, ya know, "A manly man of men".  Walking accross the field, carrying my two year old boy, his diaper bag filled with spares, wipes, juice and snacks, as well as my shot gun his trusty plastic lever action!!!
    The morning was cool, damp, and overcast.  There was not alot of action in the way of doves, but Noah remained pretty content sitting next to me.  Birds would fly over and he would shout, "Shoot it!".  I tried to explain that they were not the birds we were hunting.  Finally as the sun was trying to break through the clouds and it was warming up we started to get some action.  The boy was actually thrilled with the act of hunting, the gunfire didn’t scare him.  He helped me retrieve a dove and insisted on carrying it back to where we were sitting.  After a couple of hours of not so great dove hunting we all decided to break for an early lunch.  As usual,  Noah made quite an impression with the female staff – all decked out in his camo sipping on my coffee.  Not a bad first experiance hunting for the boy, and after the fact, "mommy" was not upset in any way.  Believe me, thats a good thing for me.




~ by Ponie on September 3, 2009.

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