His Canvas Is The World

My sweet little boys… I love my kids, but who doesn’t? But I think the real magic and joy of having kids comes from watching them. In doing so, if you pay close attention you can gain revolutionary insight to your own adult world.

So there I am, stuck working on another one of my “wife’s” projects… She wanted to repaint the cabinets in the kitchen. I cringed at the notion, even tried to change her mind about it, because I know that in the end I am the one that’s going to be repainting the cabinets… Again, so there I am prepping cabinet doors for their first coat and in walks my three year old, Charlie.

Such a sweet boy, he just wants to help me but I just wanna get this done and we all know just how much help a toddler can be… Especially when it comes to paint. Anyways I give him a brush and a small pail of plain old water to “paint” with. This was that magical moment I was just talking about. He pulled up a little stool, sat down and started working his brush on a cabinet door. He’s talking, giggling, laughing and painting away…

I just watched him for a bit, amazed at his amusement as he just kept painting away. I took a quick snapshot if him with my phone as he continued working on his story. I really wish I could see what he was creating, what colors flowed from his pail and magic brush. I think what it would be like to see through his eyes, care free and happy world…

Anyways, he is a master painter and even though I cant see it with my grown up eyes, his work of art is a master piece because it brought me joy while I worked on my wife’s project. I thought to myself, “man! The world is his canvas…”

I think we all are like that but sadly we out grow, or unlearn that part of ourselves… Perhaps some of us hold on to a fragment of that magical imagination and relearn its power so that we become artists and inspire others… But we are never the masters we once were….


~ by Ponie on April 11, 2013.

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