Unfinished Business

ARTifact: undoubtedly an ancient legend in the making, however we shall never know of him or his deeds. As his ship was lost at sea while in search of new lands to conquer…

We only know he existed, once, long ago. Obviously ancient mariners, some talented, got bored and would doodle during long voyages. Subjects would be limited to those traveling with them and who wants to draw a drunken sailor when you have a hero conquerer on board? As canvas and sketching paper were not readily available once out to sea, these creatives might dare use the only paper at hand. Their captain’s maps.

It is very fortunate for us that this map miraculously survived hundreds, if not a millennia or two at the bottom of the ocean. Found in a clay jar on the ocean floor by treasure hunters from a small town in Kansas, this piece of history can now be told. The ART is there, and the FACTS are obscure but it is somewhat believed by a few that this sunken hero had unfinished business…


~ by Ponie on May 5, 2013.

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