A Ghost Rider

You hear it all the time… Sayings like,”Live free and ride” or “Ride til ya die and then ride some more”.

I just recently drove to North Dakota and back from western Kansas. Those are some seriously desolate two lane highways. When I say desolate I mean nothing but sky and road for hundred mile stretches, and when you come to a town… I use the word town loosely, as the “town” may or may not even have services. Anyways when you do come upon a town, you find yourself checking the gas gauge, wonder if you can make the next one. Or do you stop and see about filling up in this town that looks more like a backdrop to a classic horror movie…

All in all my trip went smoothly, no break downs or flat tires. Even stopped in South Dakota and took in the national monuments. I generally do the bulk of my driving at night, and somewhere between North and South Dakota I saw something, or experienced it… If you will…


So…  If you ever find yourself stranded on an empty highway late at night during the witching hour, you may catch a glimpse of him… If you do, don’t fear… As he scares the hellish things back into the darkest recesses of the shadows…


~ by Ponie on June 3, 2013.

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