Tinker Man

He was so tired. His eyes remained closed as his mind slowly gained consciousness while he became aware of his surroundings. “Just a little more sleep…”, he murmured to himself. His exhaustion was self inflicted as he spent the last several nights trying to get caught up on customer repairs. All their tinkeresque trinkets, watches, clocks and toys, finally…finished. Soon he would be on holiday with his sweetheart, whom he was planning to marry in the fall. He thought about that in hopes of slipping back into a dream.

The silence of his surroundings was violated with quite a commotion. He listened intently while still keeping his heavy eyes closed. Were there burglars, was his humble shop being robbed? More commotion and then he heard a whispering voice,”Did he say something?”

“What?”, a nearer voice replied.

“Did he speak?” Asked the first voice.

“Maybe. But I am not quite …”

“No no no! He can’t be awake!”, yet another voice sounded. This voice was obviously upset.

“Oh man, this is it!”, he thought to himself,”if they think I’m awake… They’ll kill me for sure…” He remained as still as possible, eyes closed. Trying to appear natural and asleep, his senses were on fire as he continued to listen to his intruders. They were anything but quiet. Tapping on things, moving things and all the while chatting. Even though he strained to listen, he could only make out a word here and there but not the context of what they were saying. One of them was even humming!!! They were busily working on something, but what?

His curiosity tempted him to his breaking point. He couldn’t take it any longer. His uninvited guests wouldn’t know if he just carefully snuck a one eyed peek, how could they? They were obviously busy. Then he reminded himself again, “they might kill me if they discover that I’m actually awake…!”

CLANG…! The loud sound of a wrench hitting the floor rang out like gunshot into the night. Immediately followed by a hissed scowl,”You fool!!!”

He couldn’t help it anymore then he could change the color of the sky. Reacting by reflex to the clanging of the dropped tool his eyes sprang open, and then his mouth. He tried to scream but nothing came out. As he drank in the scene of his headless body working on another likeness of himself, a rat that was perched upon his headless shoulders looked at him an said,”You are just dreaming Tinker Man. It’s time you go back to sleep.” His eyes closed as the rat spoke this to him. He couldn’t resist, but as he drifted back to sleep he realized that he was no more then the very things he worked on…



~ by Ponie on June 26, 2013.

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