The Lycan

I’m so hungry,
I have been locked away.
In this dungeon.
Where I stay all day.

I did it myself.
Not for crime.
But to protect you.
From actually dying.

How did this happen.
I used to be fine.
The thought of who I am now.
Runs shivers down my spine.

I’m getting so hungry.
I can feel the change.
I know the moon is out.
I feel so derranged.

Oh the pain!
As I tear off my skin.
Twitching in pain.
No longer who I have been.

Come a little closer.
Unlock this door.
No leave!
Listen no more!

When I get out,
I’ll eat your heart!
I’ll bust the door,
And tear you apart!

(*** Note*** I found this poem on the net, If I knew the author I would most definitely give credit…)

Canine curse 1



~ by Ponie on July 9, 2014.

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