Lighthouse Promo

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Teaser promo I put together for LIGHTHOUSE using artwork I created for them… With their permission… check it out… more to come soon….  that is all I can say….

“Travelers, beings long separated in diaspora from their dead world. whose only goal now is the continuation of their species. Desperation due in part of their ability to perceive and interface with time-space itself.
With the discovery of humanity after being bound to ships, the only thing that keeps their frail body’s functioning, the universe opens to explore.”




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Oh Rokko Oh Rokko…
In the shadows he creeps…
Oh Rokko Oh Rokko…
What secrets does he keep?
He never says a word, no, he never speaks…
Unless you are the one,
That he seeks….


Source: Shhhhh….

A Daydream In The Steam

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Source: A Daydream In The Steam

Desert Brat

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When the world was nearly spent of everything that was once beautiful… survivors of tomorrows world lived in fear of the Desert Brat… this once lone child of a commoner, would take anything and everything of her desire, even life itself… This world was full of them.

Source: Desert Brat

Alien World Right Here At Home

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A shot from monument rock in the wastelands of Kansas…. The Chalk Pyramids and Monument Rocks are names for the same group of rock outcroppings, near US-83 in western Kansas. There are signs at the turn off (6 miles of gravel roads). You can see the rocks in the distance from the highway if you know where to look.Like the Castle Rock Badlands, the Monument Rocks are on private range land, but thanks to the owners, open to the public. The United States Department of the Interior has designated the Chalk Pyramids as a National Natural Landmark. The 70 feet tall sedimentary formations of Niobrara Chalk were created 80 million years ago when this area was part of a vast inland sea.

Source: Alien World Right Here At Home


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She had a feeling, she knew… Although it appeared to be a lost mining freighter, long since crashed on an uncharted moon, Rashka had to investigate. After forcing an entry into the hull of this ancient tomb, she made her way to the bowels of this megalithic and decaying vessel. A low whirring noise kicked in and with it lights, ever so dim, began to glow. Power! This beast still had power! Her artifact, a lighthouse pendant that she wore began to glow. With her suspicions now confirmed, she knew without a doubt that this was one of the ancient’s ships and that she was now into the replete…


Corporate Negotiator

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It was not enough to plunder our world in the future… so corporations set out to plunder other worlds. It was always brutal business when corporate headquarters sent over a team of “negotiators” to finalize a trade agreement.

light house cropped


Ponies Studios is art by me… Jeremy Martinson.  I don’t think your dreams ever really die, they just become nagging reminders of what you should be doing with your life…  I am looking for a few Patreons to help support my creative side, with rewards in return, so that I may chase down these dreams one by one and keep creating art for you.  Join me on a journey of story telling through awesome imagery…